If you are here, it means that perhaps you have purchased a copy of my EP, "Stars & Promises", and were so inclined as to look further than what it provides. If this is the case, thank you! Everyone appreciates interest in what they do. Five years of songwriting and six months of work went into the cardboard and plastic you've accepted into your life. I know, right? Didn't look like that much when you decided to buy it, but hey.

I'd like to first thank the "band"-the ensemble of musicians whose talents are present in all 30 minutes of Stars & Promises.
Mike Francis, the amazing hands behind the electric (and some acoustic) guitar and mandolin. Andrew Affleck, who took the bass guitar and lifted the EP off the page with it. John Dustan, who touched a set of keys and put a smile on my face I still have today. John Crown thanks for putting up with me. You made this record powerful and raw. Matt from Ontario Line Clearing. The staff of Banjo's, Subway, and every gas station between Oshawa and Hastings.
My sister, who designed the crows for the artwork and banner and keeps offering to sell copies of the EP. My parents: Mom, for the time you took to listen to these songs over and over again as we were building them, for keeping your mouth shut when it came to creative choices, for believing in me when I hated myself and wanted to quit. Dad, for supporting me even when you didn't say or do anything, for keeping your mouth open when it came to business affairs, and for making me laugh when the world wanted me to cry. I hope I made you both proud with this record. To Lana, who has been updating the website and photographing me and keeping me sane and healthy. My love for you is in this record. To Mr. Aiden McGill at Studio3A: Six months ago you approached me and asked to help me take on the world, and I can't imagine a better aid than the guy I admired during the "Snowman With A Suntan" days. None of this would have been possible without every single party mentioned, but especially without you.

And finally, to you, the fans. The admirers. The passersby. The people whose ears I've managed to reach with my music. I've said this before and I'll say it here: Stars and Promises is an EP that is full of love and life, but also pain. And I took that life, that love, and that pain, and I put it onto this EP without the fear of being ignored or judged or ridiculed in the hopes that those who choose to listen can accept their pain and their love and embrace them. Stars and Promises is first and foremost a gift to you from my heart. May you find healing and love in the music and be set free because of it.

All of my love.